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turbo olds 307

Japan and Europe have been using it for over half a century and if GM had actually done some of that instead of simply throwing cubes at their motors and paying politicians to ban importsthey may have been able to compete in today's market and wouldn't have had to rely on the government to keep them afloat.

Originally Posted by M3 Mitch. I'm pretty sure by 85 this was a Chevynot an Olds V-8 like they used in the 60's. Lux Hauler. To compare them to smaller, HP equivalent engines is not appropriate. These engines were meant to provide low end torque while providing quiet, silky smooth performance, and they did.

I have ridden in Broughams with a and they move the vehicles fine, merging onto freeways is not an issue and everything is smooth and quiet, as designed.

What else do you need from a vehicle that size? The s are generally reliable motors, just change the oil and keep it in tune, should be good for the long haul. It uses a 3. Some early s were painted GM Corporate blue, but most were painted satin black. It was used in most Oldsmobile models, as well as those from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Pontiac.

The output of the cu in 5. For example, the stock non-high-output, VIN "Y" cu in 5. The combination of good low-RPM torque, the Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor, and the THMR three speed plus overdrive automatic transmission having a lockup torque converter allowed for fairly good performance, and fuel economy considered reasonable for the era, even in the larger and heavier model cars.

It was used by every domestic GM automobile marque. Roller lifters, floating piston wrist pins, and swirl port intake runners were added in All LV2s feature a 4-barrel carburetor.

turbo olds 307

Originally Posted by MckinneyOwnr. Just to be clear I think it used the crank of thebut the bore of the or something. Not known for horsepower, originally it was intended to be used with a 2 barrel carb. Originally Posted by Patrolman. I believe it was the bore of a V8.Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

Chevrolet 307 V8 Engine

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Dec 8, 9 0 Leetsdale, PA. Just 1 turbo??? Dec 2, 2, 48 Ohio. It's possible to put a turbo on anything. Whether you should is another story. At least if you blew the up, all of your turbo setup could be transfered over to a DX.

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Blake Geezer. Apr 24, 6, Minneapolis. Sep 13, 1, 0 Northern VA. Blake said:. The low redline of the stock won't really allow you to utilized the full potential of the turbo. That motor is just all around a bad candidate for it. All the parts you'd have to buy for it to make it worth while would be better applied to a DX, or better yet, a Show hidden low quality content.

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CHEVROLET 5.0L/307 Superchargers, Centrifugal Style Kits

Your mileage may vary, perform any modifications at your own risk, wash dark colors separately, and all that other standard disclaimer type stuff. First off, it depends on what version of the you have. It comes in several flavors.

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VIN Y. About hp and ft-lbs depends upon year and where you get your info. VIN 9. About hp and ft-lbs again, stats vary. I've heard rumors that a few Caddilacs had these too. Now, to thoroughly confuse you, Olds made two different version of each of these engines.

Up through Mid, 's had normal 5A cylinder heads and normal hydraulic flat-tappet lifters. In Mid, GM changed over to a with 7A cylinder heads and a hydraulic roller-lifter drivetrain.

To see which version you have, look for the number on the front of each cylinder head. Follow the negative battery cable to where it attaches to the head, right next to it you'll see the raised number and letter. The 5A head engine is preferred for performance use because it has "normal" sized ports in the intake and cylinder heads. This is why an Edelbrock performer intake will not fit 7A head engines.

Actually it will physically FIT, but there would be an awful port mismatch causing reversion and you would be very unhappy. Now, on to the modifications! First off, let me state the goal and make sure you don't have any unrealistic expectations. Unless you throw thousands and thousands of dollars at ayou will not be able to go out and eat Z Camaros for breakfast and stock Big Blocks for lunch.

turbo olds 307

If your goal is that kind of power level, your money is best spent on a larger engine. But swapping in an Olds, or would get you where you want to go most efficiently.When brothers Dale and Glenn Robinson decided to take up the gauntlet and enter the Engine Masters Challenge, they knew they needed every advantage they could get. They had to know all of the rules inside and out, and create a combination that could wow the crowd and still stay within budget. Their approach to building this little based Olds mirrored their team name, Robinson Analytical.

Dale has been bracket racing with Olds power for a number of years, and is comfortable enough with the architecture of the engine that he knew its weaknesses and strengths. Talking with Dale, it is clear that he's a levelheaded player, and his philosophy was to break down the engine building process into two distinct focus groups: weaknesses and strengths.

This, he figured rightly, would be the best way to approach the build. A little digging tells us that the engines were popular throughout the whole GM family. All of the BOP and Chevy passenger cars received versions of the for their mid- and fullsize cars from to Most Olds engines have the cubic inches cast into the side of the block, though the has a casting of a 5.

If you are looking for one in the junkyard and you spot a two-barrel carbureted V-8, keep on looking, as all s used a four-barrel Quadrajet. In fact, the was the last passenger car offered with a carburetor in the United States except some Crown Vic Police Interceptors, as we're sure someone will scream out. The crank used was one of the early Olds forged-steel cranks.

Coveted for their strength, the cranks were quite popular to drop into small-inch engines. Dale spent a bit of time modifying and lightening the crank: "I took 3 pounds out of it.

They're pretty hefty to start with. It weighs like 56 pounds, it was 59 when it was stock. Barely attached to the rods by a set of paper-thin 71 gram wristpins are some custom Ross full-round pistons.

turbo olds 307

At the time the pistons were ordered, Ross didn't have the shape of the combustion chambers to go off of, so they were hand-tailored to fit once they showed up. With a small dome and the pistons sitting just out of the hole, it wasn't hard to come up with To prepare the block for those pistons, Dale made a custom hot-hone torque plate, allowing degree water to pass-through the engine as it was being finish honed.

That brought the engine to an honest cubic inches. After the short-block was assembled, they took a torque wrench to it and were pleased that it only took a mere 7 lb-ft to turn it over. At a passing glance, the casual observer more than likely wouldn't notice the size of the lifters in an engine, but when it is torn down next to another GM block, it stands out that the lifters sure look awfully big in this little A little digging revealed that during the '80s, Olds moved into the world of hydraulic roller cams and used a big.

This made it legal to use lifters big enough to make Mopar guys jealous, even if they did have to use flat tappets per the rules. Further block details evolved as the Robinsons drilled small holes in the lifter valley to allow oil to fall directly on the flat-tappet camshaft. Also, raised vent tubes epoxied into the lifter valley keep the crankcase pressure equalized between the upper and lower end of the engine.

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The advantage here is that the angular relationship between the tappet and the cam lobe allows the cam to whang open and close the valves-technically speaking that is. I think I over-exhausted it.

More Power!

As if the bottom end of this baby Olds didn't already have our heads spinning, looking at what was bolted on top of the block blew our minds. With an amount of consideration and effort that would make a Super-Stocker look like a bracket racer, Dale transformed the ordinary 5A casting heads into fully functional race heads. On the exhaust side, the center two cylinders share a common port, a terrible design for anyone wanting to make power.

Using a block of iron to fill the main gap in between the two adjoining cylinders, Dale spray-welded iron to fill the remainder of the gap as well as to raise the floor of the exhaust port by almost a half inch. He says: "The intake port is way smaller than the original. I think the factory was cc and now it's down to and it's much higher. It's got a small cross section of 1.

Though not huge peak flow numbers, he claims they were almost at those numbers by.Ive got an 87 Cutlass supreme with a its a brand new re-build as well the tranny is brand new re-build. Its got nice mags and stinger tires. I am looking to get more B. P out of this engine i think stock its got around b. William answered 11 years ago.

I mean easiest thing to do is swap for a crate, would probably cost you just as much if not more money on upgrades for the to get as much horse as the Michael answered 11 years ago. I agree with Markussen. Plus there are many upgrades you can make with a than with a Also, the only had hp, only the with the "9" code had Skyler answered 11 years ago. Yeah a would easily have more power, but this guy asked how to upgrade hisnot what motor to swap. James answered 11 years ago.

The was a terrible engine as small-blocks go. So here are some options: If you want to keep the -have the heads planed to close up the combustion chamber, increasing compression and horsepower -High-rise aluminum intake with a nice big carb -different camshaft -upgrade ignition system -headers and big exhaust If you want to upgrade engines: -buy a 4-bolt main and start swapping heads, and all of the above for a small block -buy a cu in Rocket big-block V8 which are hard to come by, BUT I have one for sale, with a stronger tranny a TH and go for the big horsepower.

Aaron answered 11 years ago. True being that a swap is much more cost effective. I say if you are looking for torque, that is much easier to achieve with a But also it depends if you are going to keep the car running on the computer.

I guess more info would be needed. Bobby answered 11 years ago. To be perfectly honest its less time, labor, and money just to get a and build it up and the old s. Or just go for a or Erniejr answered 9 years ago. Greetings: If you take the quadrajet and overhaul it ,many were tuned for racing boats where the engine well tuned would out perform aftermarket carbs Go to Cartech books to rebuild and correct its design faults,and With the correct modifications in the right places, the Quadrajet has no trouble being up to the task of powering your new engine combination.

The name was now defined as referring to the car's 4-speed r4 automatic transmission, 4-barrel carburetor, and 2 exhausts. The shifter was mounted on the floor in a console between the front seats, and the upgraded F41 suspension package was included. Rather than using the weaker 7.

These were the only models to get the hotter VIN 9 cubic inch engine, and it was the only engine available.Display Options.

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If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. What is this? Supercharger, Centrifugal, Satin Finish, 5. Loading Tomorrow Estimated International Date Loading Today.

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Search Within Results. Narrow Your Results. I am in the United States. International Customer Options. Delivery Options If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. International delivery.From untilOldsmobile made a cubic-inch, eight-cylinder engine that was capable of producing between and horsepower.

For the duration of the engine's production, it had a four-barrel carburetor. This small block V8 was one of the many Oldsmobile Rocket 8 engines, noted for interchangeable parts and producing a relatively high torque at low rpm.

The V8 5. The engine has a bore diameter of 3. The compression ratio is 8.

Mild cam for 307 oldsmobile motor

Oil capacity is 5 quarts, including the filter, and oil pressure is 30 psi rpm. The Rocker arm ratio is 1. Intake and exhaust valve lifter distances are 0. The Cam bank angle was 39 degrees and the diameter of the lifters was 0. Camshafts were usually interchangeable with other small block Rocket 8 engines, but not applicable for use in more modern Oldsmobile units.

All 5A and 7A heads for the have a lifter bank angle of 39 degrees and lifter diameter of 0. Engines with roller lifters have a 0.

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Spring free length is 1. Besides having two types of lifters, the Oldsmobile 86 cubic inch motor has two types of heads and two types of engines. With 67cc of combustion chamber volume and an intake port height of 2. Both heads had an intake port width of 1. The Y and 9 type engines had only minor differences. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Valve Train All 5A and 7A heads for the have a lifter bank angle of 39 degrees and lifter diameter of 0.

Variations Besides having two types of lifters, the Oldsmobile 86 cubic inch motor has two types of heads and two types of engines. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.


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Turbo olds 307
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